How To Get Unstuck

How To Get Unstuck Image of girl with head in her hands sitting in front of her laptop

Did you have the dream of creating a course, but now you're stuck?
You started working on your course but haven't worked on it in a while because it's your stuck?
Well, friend, it's time to blow the dust off your course idea and pull it out of the "will get to that later" vault and get unstuck.

Let's address a few of the reasons why you get stuck and how to get unstuck:

1. What are you thinking?

When you continuously tell yourself you're stuck or overwhelmed, your brain believes it. 

Cure: Stop saying you don't know what to do

2. You're overwhelmed

There are a LOT of pieces when it comes to creating and launching your course. When you try to keep all of this in your head, it creates overwhelm.

Cure: Create a plan

3. You don't have a plan

If you don't know what the next step you should do is, get help.

Cure: You can get your free step-by-step course creation plan here or ask a question here.


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