How A Workshop Launched My Business

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There are a million different ways to get started online. Today I want to share with you the way I got started. It wasn’t fancy, there weren't a lot of bells or whistles, or tech for that matter. So, what did I do?

A workshop!

Here are the 3 steps I took to launch.

1. Problem

The first step I took was researching what my niche was struggling with. I went into Facebook groups and searched for key terms such as:…

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4 Simple Steps To Getting Started Online

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Before you dive in, grab the action guide that will help you get started online and actually implement what you learn!

4 Steps To Getting Started Online

Do you have a course idea in your mind, but when you think about getting started you start to sweat a little thinking about ALL.THE.THINGS you have to do to even get going?

If this is you, I’ve got your back. I want to help make the transition into online easier! Let’s talk about the 4 steps to get you out of overwhelm and online!

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The MAGIC Behind A Learning Launch

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Why is a Learning Launch Crucial For Your Business?

A learning launch is crucial to launching your course and it truly is the foundation of everything else that you are going to do when it comes to launching and marketing your course. 

Learning Launch ≠ Beta Launch

Let's talk about beta launches for just a minute and why a learning launch is going to take place of a beta launch, you are no longer going to do a beta launch. You are going to do a learning launch. 

What people consider a be…

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