Debunking Common Myths About Email Marketing & Why You Need To Prioritize It!


Have you heard “Email marketing is dead” or “Don’t waste your time on email?” The truth is, email marketing is alive and well. In this post, I’m debunking 3 common myths about 

Myth #1: Email Marketing is Dead

With social media blowing up our phones and the latest TikTok trends being talked about everywhere you turn, email has gotten a bad rap. However, even with all the social media trends email is still alive and well.

Here are a few stats to prove it:

  • 58% of adults check their email first thing in the morning. (OptinMonster, 2023)
  • The average email open rate across industries is 17.8%. (Campaign Monitor, 2021)
  • 99% of email users check their email every day, some as much as 20 times a day! (OptinMonster, 2023)

And the best part…

  • Email marketing has an average return on investment (ROI) of 42:1. (Litmus, 2021)

As you can see, email is still alive and well.

Myth #2: You Need a Large Email List to Succeed

When I created my first course, I had a list of 56 people. Only 56! Now I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I was doing and I thought, “Hey, 56 people! Let’s see how it goes!” Although I would suggest having a bigger list than that, a small but mighty list goes a long way. 

This list of 56 was very engaged, and I had consistently been emailing my list and creating valuable content for them. Because of this, I sold 6 spots in my first launch.

If you have been around here a while, you know I’m a lover of a Learning Launch™. A Learning Launch™ is a powerful launch strategy that leverages your list to launch your course…no matter the size of your list!

Myth #3: People Don't Read Emails Anymore

As stated previously, 99% of email users check their email every day! Let’s compare that to social media. Of all the people on your email list 99% will see your email in their inbox. Now, they may not open it (more on that later), but they’ll see it. Whereas when you post something on Facebook or Instagram, only ~2% of your followers will see your post.

Which do you prefer? 99% or 2%? I’ll take 99% all day, every day!

To make the most of that 99% who will see your email in their inbox, here are a few tips to increase your open rates:

  • Make it personal. Statistics show that when you personalize a subject line by inserting the subscriber's name, the email is 29% higher open rates.
  • Make your subject line compelling
  • Use the pre-header strategically

In the end, email is still alive and well! I use it as a strategic part of my business and I’ve seen it in my clients as well! I challenge you to focus on building your list and nurturing your list over the next 30 days and see what happens!