The MAGIC Behind A Learning Launch

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Why is a Learning Launch Crucial For Your Business?

A learning launch is crucial to launching your course and it truly is the foundation of everything else that you are going to do when it comes to launching and marketing your course. 

Learning Launch ≠ Beta Launch

Let's talk about beta launches for just a minute and why a learning launch is going to take place of a beta launch, you are no longer going to do a beta launch. You are going to do a learning launch. 

What people consider a beta launch or founding members launch is a launch where they discount their course and sell it to gain testimonials and feedback on their course.

Here's the problem with that. It's focusing on the wrong things. 

It's not going to tell you the data that you need to really know to grow and scale and take your course to the next level of launches.

A beta launch focuses more on the course- “If I can just get people in and get their feedback and get their testimonials, then I can actually launch my course. Next time I do it, I'll do a big launch.”

With a learning launch, you learn the key components to what you are actually going to do in your next launch. 

You are going to learn the actual data points that are going to tell you, change this, fix this. This is good. This needs to be tweaked. You're going to know all those things. 

It's literally going to tell you what’s working and what’s not. 

If you picture your launch as a  machine, the Learning Launch will tell you which part of the machine is working and which part of the machine isn't working. 

If your machine is working at 100%, you're going to have those results that you're hoping to have. Right? 

A learning launch is going to tell you is what to do next, and that's why a learning launch is so crucial. 

You’ll learn a lot more from a Learning Launch than a beta launch. 

So, What Is A Learning Launch?

There are a million ways to launch your course-webinars, challenges, videos series, etc. They're all good, but they're not good unless you have your machine working! In this podcast episode, Why Webinars Don't Work, I talk a little bit more about why webinars don't work. 

In a Learning Launch, you are going to have a warm, engaged email list. Engaged is the key to your email list. 

Instead of doing a challenge or a webinar or video series, you're going to just launch your course to your email list through email. 

You can do some social media posts, but the main focus is going to be on your email, on your selling sequence. 

What happens in your selling sequence is you are going to have different messages in this email sequence that help to sell your course. 

With these different messages, you're doing things like: 

  • Crushing your objections
  • Showing the opportunity
  • Presenting testimonials or case studies

Overall, you’re showing the opportunity that your prospective student has. 

The coolest thing with the Learning Launch and these emails is that you are going to be able to see based on click-rate and purchasing, all the behind-the-scenes data

You're going to be able to see what message was resonating with your audience. 

If you send out an email that no one clicks on the button to go buy, you know that message flopped. You’re going to leave that one out of your next launch. 

In the middle of the launch, if things aren't resonating, you can quickly change right there with a simple email. 

Let’s say you send out day one's email, day two's email, and nothing's getting clicked, nothing's happening. You know your messaging isn’t resonating with your audience. You're going to take a different angle in your email approach and test that. You're going to test that angle and you're going to test the different testimonials and you're going to test the different objections. 

Those are crucial things to know to do any other sort of launch. These emails will help you clarify what the problem is that people are resonating with what the solution they're looking for, what the opportunity they're looking for. 

That's what you are going to learn through your Learning Launch. 

Since you're launching to a warm audience, you know if your warm audience isn't finding this interesting or interesting enough to take action on, then for sure a cold audience will not. Your warm audience is going to convert about double what your cold audience does. This is why a learning launch is so crucial.

If you can hone in your messaging, the opportunity, the objections, and what your audience is truly looking for in your Learning Launch, then once you go to launch it to cold here's the magic that…you know what to expect! 

You're not left wondering if it’s going to work or wondering if you should spend money on ads to bring people into my course. You know those crucial data points like your conversion rate. 

Without a Learning Launch what happens is people decide “I'm going to hold a webinar and I'm going to spend money on ads to bring people to my webinar.” 

But they've never tested it. They have no idea if it’s going to work. I call this the Hope and Pray Method. The problem with this method is they don’t know if the money they spend on ads is even worth it because they have no idea if their webinar is going to work.

But when you've done a Learning Launch and you know your numbers, you can plug your numbers into a formula.

Let’s look at an example:

In Construct Your Course, I teach you to start bringing in leads by running lead ads for a few dollars a day. You’ve been building your list and you know it costs you $2/lead. 

If you spend $2000 on ads at $2/lead, you’re going to bring in 1000 new subscribers to your list.

You learned in your Learning Launch that your list converted at 6%. Since they’re a warm audience, we know they’re going to convert at a higher rate than cold, usually by double.

So your cold audience is going to convert at around 3%. 

1000 new subscribers X 3% = 30 purchases.

$500 Course Price X 30 Purchases = $15,000 Revenue.

Before even spending the $2000, you know that it’s going to be worth it!

You’ll profit $13,000 from your $2,000 in ad spend!

Because of the Learning Launch, it’s no longer a guessing game. You’ve not only validated your product and messaging, but you know your numbers and data points, and you know that the return on investment is going to be there because you've already done the testing. 

The Learning Launch is truly that crucial piece of your whole course business that will help you know exactly what buttons to push and what to fix and what screws to tighten, so to speak, before you actually go spend a lot of money on conversion ads or webinar ads. 

That's the magic behind the Learning Launch.


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