What To Do When No One's Paying Attention

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What do you do when no one's paying attention? 

You're creating content, you're putting things out there, you're doing your best, and no one is paying attention. 

Let's talk about very first of all, core content. Core content is either a blog, a podcast, or YouTube channel. These are content mediums that last forever. It's not social media that comes and goes, you know, like within the blink of an eye. It's content that lasts forever. It's searchable. People can find you that way. 

You should be creating core content on a consistent basis. I would say once a week, if not once a week, then once every other week. Most people will tell you the purpose of this core content is to build your audience and build the Know, Like, and Trust factor with your audience. Although I do agree with this, I believe there’s a better way to look at it. Especially if you’re just starting out.

You see, one of the biggest problems when it comes to creating core content is that you spend all of the time to create it and then there are crickets on the other end. This becomes really discouraging. Right? 

This leaves you questioning the why behind all of it, right.? There's no purpose to be putting the time and effort when there's no one there. 

Let’s dive into a different purpose of core content and a way to look at it that actually gets people to see it. Now, this way won't necessarily bring in thousands of viewers or readers or listeners, but it's going to take that traffic that you do have and optimize it. 

I teach this concept of the Optimized Lead Magnet. What this optimize Lead Magnet does is it takes those people who have your Lead Magnet to your core content. 

Here's the problem with the traditional Lead Magnet. The purpose of Lead Magnet is an exchange. A new subscriber exchanges their email address for something of value from you. Whether that's an ebook, a checklist, a video series, whatever it is, it's something of value that they are willing to give their email address for. 

The problem is a lot of people create their Lead Magnet, but they don't optimize it. Essentially, they don't give the next steps. They don't have a way for the new subscriber to go to the next level with you. And that next level doesn't have to be buying your product or buying your course. This is where you can optimize to get these new subscribers into your world, submerged into your world in a way that they are binge listening or binge watching or binge reading your core content. 

This is where I want you to switch your focus when it comes to your core content instead of just thinking of it just as a way for new people to find you, view it as a way to provide different avenues to connect with you. 

For example, if you download my course creation playbook, you'll see inside I have links to podcast episodes, I have links to Facebook Lives, I've done. I have links to taking the next step with me. There's a lot of different links. 

Now, new subscribers that are brand new to my world and excited are able to dig into my world. This is why an Optimized Lead Magnet is so powerful. They're going to dive into your world. 

So, instead of getting discouraged that you're not getting a whole bunch of new eyes on your core content, I want you to look at it with a different lens, a way that you're creating this content for the people who are in your world already, and you are going to take them in a deeper level with you. 

Hopefully this helps you and gives you a little bit of hope that if you have been on the struggle bus of why am I doing this? And the discouragement of being lost in the sea of the online abyss. Don't worry, you are not creating for the masses. You are creating for the one and by doing that, it creates a greater effect on that one than trying to affect all.


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