4 Simple Steps To Getting Started Online

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4 Steps To Getting Started Online

Do you have a course idea in your mind, but when you think about getting started you start to sweat a little thinking about ALL.THE.THINGS you have to do to even get going?

If this is you, I’ve got your back. I want to help make the transition into online easier! Let’s talk about the 4 steps to get you out of overwhelm and online!

Step 1-Define Your Problem

Before you do anything, create a IG account for your business, build a website (which BTW you don’t need right now), design a logo, etc. you’ve got to know the problem you solve.

“What does that mean?” you ask.

You want to be crystal clear on how you’re going to help the people you serve. 

Here’s why: 

When people start out, and they’re not sure what problem their business solves, what happens most times is a lot of confusion. This is what the confusion looks like: one day you’re talking about meal planning, the next day you’re talking about sewing, and then you’re talking about how to plan a Disney vacation. 

What happens when you’re all over the board like this is when you go to create a product, your audience isn’t your ideal audience for what you’re selling. They may be there for Disney vacation tips and you’ve created a course on meal planning. The audience isn’t going to buy what you’re selling.

When you’re crystal clear on the core problem you solve, your audience will be following you because everything you create is around that problem. Then when you create a product to sell, the product will be a solution for this problem.

That brings me to step 2.

Step 2-Create AND Launch Your Lead Magnet

This is a crucial step you don’t want to skip! Your lead magnet is the #1 way to build your email list and your list is the heart and sole of your business.

Once you know what problem you solve, you’re going to get your potential students with a quick win with your lead magnet. 

If you’re not sure what lead magnet to create, go check out this podcast episode.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful it is, how well produced your videos are (if you’re creating videos) just get it out there.

Don’t over think this step!

Step 3-Get Visible

Now that you’ve got your lead magnet out there, it’s time to get visible and start building your list.

There’s tons of ways to do this, but I want to focus on one organic strategy that will get you results faster than most…get in front of other people’s audiences.

Make a list of micro-influencers that you could reach out to and ask them to be on their podcast or YouTube channel, be a guest blogger, or take over their IG stories for the day. 

Doing this, you’re getting yourself in front of an audience that is already built and you already have some validation with this audience because they trust the person you’re working with.

When you reach out, ask the person if you can share your freebie with their audience. Most of the time, they’ll say yes. Make sure your lead magnet is optimized to take your new leads to the next level. (If you’re not sure how to do this, check out Construct Your Course)

Now that you’re solid on the problem you solve, you’re building your list and getting visible it’s time for step 4.

Step 4-Decide On Your Course Idea

When you’re choosing your course idea, make sure it solves the problem your business is built around. Remember, if you follow step 1, your audience will be following you because everything you produce is created around this problem. You’ll have a warm audience who are ready to take the next step with you and dive into your course!


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